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The paseo marítimo or boardwalk in Javea, Spain

by Dee Andrews

Our first experience in Javea.

Our first late night Spanish dinner in the Javea port was one we will always remember. Families were out strolling on the paseo marítimo or boardwalk, we had a wonderful meal, and the Mediterranean sea was at our feet.

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Anita Gibson April 1, 2013 at 2:09 am

Thank God for this website!
We are currently based in the Middle East and hating it!
Returning to London isn’t that inviting either so we are considering relocating to Spain – Valencian coast from June 2014.
Our son will be finishing primary here in Qatar, before moving on to a secondary school from Sept 2014.
We are looking at the northern part of Valencia for good international schools, such as Caxton, Cambridge House and American High School.
The ‘suburbs’ or the little towns or villages outside Valencia seem more expensive though, in comparison to Javea, Xavia, Denia etc. However, if the above mentioned schools are better there, then it would be a price worth paying. Has anyone got experience of their kids going to any of those schools, or living in one of those towns such as Liria, Eliana, Betera….How do these towns compare to Javea?
Also, I am a bit confused about the Valencian ‘language’. If we are to learn Spanish, is this something we can use in our day to day lifes…in Valencia? If this is not the case, isn’t it better to live elsewhere in Spain, again on the coast, if we are to settle in Spain permanently? Someone mentioned Malaga, any observations?
And last but not least, for a family of three, paying for a private school, (first renting then buying) a budget between 3000 – 4000 Euros per month, is it enough to have a good comfortable lifestyle in Valencia or near by?
I would appreciate any answers or comments! Thanks in advance.

Dee Andrews April 8, 2013 at 9:52 am

Hello Anita,

Unfortunately, I don’t have any first-hand experience with the schools you mention near Valencia: Caxton, Cambridge House and American High School. I do wish we had explored them ourselves, as I think we would have liked being closer to Valencia. Javea is about an hour’s drive or even train ride (not a direct train though, you have to take a combo car/train route,) and we didn’t get into Valencia as much as we thought we would or wished for.

The senior schools in and near Javea are Lady Elizabeth, actually in Jalon, an 30-45 minute drive from Javea, and Xabia International, in the arenal area of Javea. We have friends who switched from Lady Elizabeth to Xabia, I think mostly due to the driving and time their child spent on the bus. Xabia is smaller, with a smaller, more “run-down” facility, but I think a good education. I don’t know much about the secondary education requirements though in Europe.

Locals in Javea and the Valencia region definitely speak Castilian Spanish. The local school however, in Javea, teaches in Valenciano, a regional dialect similar to Catalan. I seem to remember hearing the local schools in Valencia don’t necessarily teach in Valenciano. Javea/Xabia is very “nationalistic” toward their region.

We only explored towns on the coast, because we wanted to be near the sea, but in hindsight, felt we would have learned more Castilian Spanish and met more local Spaniards had we chosen inland, such as Salamanca or Cordoba. Malaga was too British for us; might have well as been in England. Not a bad thing, just not what we were looking for in Spain.

It’s hard for me to know about current costs in Spain and how much you need to budget. The economy had changed drastically since we were there. I do know many expats left and the international schools were hurting. Hopefully that has lowered tuition and perhaps housing costs. I think we paid about 1200Euros for our large rental house, in 2008.

Let me know if you have other questions and best of luck to you!

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