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Picture Javea, Spain

by Dee Andrews

Javea, Spain

Javea, Spain

Javea, Spain was “home” for my family for eight months. After a summer of searching the Spain regions to to decide where to live in Spain, we eagerly chose Javea, about an hour south of Valencia, surrounded by the beautiful Spanish towns of Calpe, Moraira and Denia.

We spent many enjoyable mornings in the Javea port, sipping café con leche and taking Spanish lessons at Lingua School. The arenal, or sandy beach, was a favorite after school, and the old town, just up the hill from the port, was a wonderful maze of restaurants and shops, the mercado and church.

And then there was the Montgo. It is a huge wall of rock, suddenly rising 753m up out of the valley (that’s 2,471 feet for us Americans.) We found a house to rent right beneath. What more could we ask for… the beach was ten minutes away, an immense mountain behind us and a valley of orange groves below… it quickly felt like home!

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No matter the name, they speak for themselves. Picture yourself in Javea, whether your travel to Spain is to move overseas, enjoy a holiday in Spain or a Spain vacation.

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Howard January 7, 2010 at 1:57 am

Thanks for the pics of Javea – yes it is a very lovely place. Here is a link to some of my fave pics of Javea – especially the photo of Javea’s Arenal Beach at sunrise – it is a lovely time to visit – no-one about and really spectacular views

Fariba September 23, 2012 at 11:00 am


My fiance and I are planning on moving to Spain from US (California) in 2013-14 and are looking into different cities and deciding where we want to live. I’ve heard a lot about Valencia and as I was searching for info. I came across your blog and I LOVE it…your writing is so lovely and informative 🙂 Would you recommend Valencia? We don’t have any kids (my fiance has two daughters 18 & 24, but they won’t be coming with us).
By the way, we saw the movie “The Way” couple months ago and we decided that we will walk the Camino one day. Would you recommend doing the Camino before moving to Spain or after we stelle in? Also when is the best time of the year?
best wishes to you & your family!

Dee Andrews September 24, 2012 at 2:14 pm

Hola Fariba, Congratulations on your decision to move to Spain! I do recommend Valencia. It’s a wonderful small city with so much to offer in its city center. We would visit once a month or so for the museums, restaurants, to shop and also to experience Las Fallas, their big festival in March. I love the old city center and neighborhoods with everything in walking distance. And we would have learned more Spanish there I think than where we were in Javea, which has a lot of expats speaking English.

People walk the camino year round, though I imagine it’d be more comfortable in the spring or fall. We walked in May and had wonderful weather. April rained almost daily. I imagine the fall might be nice too. Though with the more popular months, expect more people on the trail. There were definitely times were we felt like there were too many other pilgrims and we wanted a more solitary experience. But you could avoid the crowds all together by choosing one of the alternative routes and avoiding the Camino Frances, the most popular route. It’s hard to say whether to do it before you move or not… I suppose advantages to both. If you go before, it will perhaps increase your excitement to move there. It may also give you perspective on where to live before you actually move. Burgos and Leon were other nice small cities. And we loved Salamanca. Oh, so many decisions…. have fun whichever you choose! ~ Dee

Laura October 21, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Hi Dee,
I am loving your blog! My husband and I are interested in moving to Spain with our two children (ages 10 and 13) for a year. Did your children go to school in Javea? What is your opinion of the Marbella and Malaga areas? We definitely don’t want anything too touristy. We also prefer something authentic without feeling isolated. We also want to be close to good airport or trains for travel. Thank you so much for your insights!


P.S. My family also went to Nicaragua over 2012 New Year. We thought it was so interesting!

Dee Andrews October 22, 2012 at 10:13 am

Hola Laura. Glad you like Travel and Travails and find it helpful. Our kids did go to school in Javea, at a British International School. There are two there, Xabia International and Lady Elizabeth. We considered the local schools, but discovered that they teach in the regional language, Valenciano, not Spanish, so opted for the international schools where are daughters had a Spanish class and some classes, such as PE, taught in Spanish. They also played sports through the local recreation center so experienced volleyball in Spanish and with local kids.

I think Marbella and Malaga very touristy and to me felt like visiting Britain but with Mediterranean weather. We did consider Gaucin and Casares, up the mountain from Marbella, and while they are small Spanish villages, there is definitely an expat community in both and you’re a relative close drive to the coast and airport. They are small though, really small. I enjoyed them for the 2-3 weeks we were there exploring them, but I think over the course of a year, I would have needed more.

We really tried to find a Spanish experience on the coast, because we wanted to be near the beach, but truly we felt at the end of our year, we should have looked to the interior of Spain (Salamanca, Valladolid, Cordoba, Granada maybe.) The exception might have been Valencia, on the sea but larger and a Spanish experience with few expats. A wonderful small city!

Where did you go in Nicaragua? We loved our time there at La Mariposa and used more Spanish there in one week than we did in a year in Spain.


rayleen barson March 20, 2015 at 2:06 pm

Hi Dee,
I just came upon your blog while searching places to live for a year in Spain. I have been searching Javea due to your blog.
I have three children 10,11,12. Did our children get a really good education?
I am a massage therapist. Is there opportunity to find a job doing this? Or would Valencia be a better option because it is bigger?
Breckenridge, CO
Main goals, safety, outdoorsy, mid size town

Dee Andrews May 10, 2015 at 11:50 am


I would say our daughters received a good education; they attended the Lady Elizabeth International School. It was a British curriculum and was fun to learn about a few British holidays and traditions. I wasn’t too concerned given their young ages and we were only there for a year. Our biggest goals with school was for social reasons, for them and us, as we met many parents and friends through the school. Our youngest was learning to read at the time and did receive extra support from Lady Elizabeth due to the challenges she was having.
I don’t know about massage jobs. There were several very nice hotels in and near Javea that offered spa services. I remember a yoga and Pilates studio, acupuncture being available… so obviously people into alternative therapies.
Javea was very safe, outdoorsy, about 30,000 people though it felt much smaller. There is beautiful hiking and beaches. Soccer and tennis opportunities for the kids as well as lots of other sports. We had our girls play sports through the local polideportivo to help meet locals and practice Spanish.
While we very much enjoyed Javea, in hindsight, I think we would have preferred a larger city such as Valencia or Salamanca. We have friends who were also in a suburb of Barcelona for two years and enjoyed it very much; a good international school there. You’ll have an amazing experience though regardless of where you land!
Best of luck, Dee

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