Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador

by Dee Andrews

cotopaxi volcano

Join us at the Cotopaxi volcano, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world at 19,348 ft and located about 30 miles south of Quito, Ecuador. The Parque Nacional Cotopaxi is well known for the four volcanoes within its bounds.

cotopaxi signs

cotopaxi national park

hacienda porvenir

Stay at Hacienda Porvenir for a close base camp. They offer hiking, biking and horseback riding in the national park, as well as wonderful meals and lodging.

horseback riding in cotopaxi national park

cotopaxi national park volcano ecuador

The rufugio is basically at 16,000 ft, higher than anything I’ve been to in Colorado! There was no oxygen but great hot chocolate!

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