Cuba Pictures: See Havana

by Dee Andrews

Going to Cuba: Learn Something New Fidel: A man of ideas and action.

Going to Cuba: Take a Tour Che. I wonder what this counter-culturalist would think of the Havana Bus Tour?

Going to Cuba: Street Scene It’s hard to remember it’s the 21st century.

Going to Cuba: Meet the Locals Kids, like kids everywhere in the world, are friendly and curious.

Going to Cuba: Visit a Market Initiative and creative ideas on sale at a farmer’s market.

Going to Cuba: Have Your Ration Book Ration book needed to obtain the basics.

Going to Cuba: Take Toothpaste Toothpaste is not a basic.

Going to Cuba: Take in a Baseball Game Baseball, like in the United States, is the national pastime.

Going to Cuba: Have a Mojito Mojitos are served in every restaurant. I’m not sure if the locals drink mojitos.

Going to Cuba: Must See Buena Vista Social Club The Buena Vista Social Club still has it going on.

Going to Cuba: Go Back in Time Listening to the Buena Vista Social Club at Cafe Taberna is like stepping back in time.

Going to Cuba: Love the Cars Classic Cuba.

Stay tuned for more Cuba pictures. Coming up next, see Trinidad, Cienfuegos, the suburbs and the Bay of Pigs.

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