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Family Dynamics on the Road

Caution Traveling with Kids

Extended travel has its bumps as well as its benefits. Travails abound and family dynamics are not always easy when you spend so much time together, living and vacationing for extended amounts of time. How to manage work, life, travel and parenting when you take travel long term requires different strategies… or just more patience.

How to Navigate the Visa Process

Visa and Passport

Knowing these typical requirements and the time and money involved before you determine your destination and decide when to leave can be very helpful. Read on, and be prepared.

Lost in the Sahara

Camel Trek in the Sahara

Our camel trek through the Sahara Desert was unforgettable for many reasons, one being that our Bedouin guide got lost! Read about our unexpected journey and the consequences.

Travel Travails of Single-Parenting

Main Street of Gaucin Spain

We had been in the quaint little Spanish village of Gaucin for a week, my two young daughters and I. The anxiety I felt caught me completely off guard. What was I thinking, being in a foreign country where I knew no one, didn’t speak the language, and had two young children?!

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