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Sitting Still to Find Out What Moves You

Sitting Still to Find Out What Moves You

Find inspiration in sitting still from travel writer Pico Iyer in this TED Talk.

Buenos Aires: Insider’s Guide

Buenos Aires:  Insider’s Guide

A peek into our first week of life in Buenos Aires: excitement discovering new places, pains of exchanging money and mouthwatering beef!

The rain in Spain

The rain in Spain

Walking in the rain brings more than just sticky mud. Join me on the Camino de Santiago for some comfort and clarity.

Finding Oneself on the Camino de Santiago

Finding Oneself on the Camino de Santiago

Walking the Camino de Santiago isn’t necessary to finding oneself, though for many this is the case. Perhaps it’s the act of walking 500 miles…

Highlights of Travel and Travails

Highlights over Casares Castle Ruins in Spain

My highlights from the past two years of blogging about our travels and travails. From one year abroad living in Spain to life on the laundry line and what your clothes say about you, these posts capture the essence of traveling, exploring, and trying new things.

Family Dynamics on the Road

Caution Traveling with Kids

Extended travel has its bumps as well as its benefits. Travails abound and family dynamics are not always easy when you spend so much time together, living and vacationing for extended amounts of time. How to manage work, life, travel and parenting when you take travel long term requires different strategies… or just more patience.

Being a Tourist

Watermen of Morocco

The music, smells and sights of the main square in Marrakesh, Morocco were overwhelming all of my senses. We had just left the shadows of the souks, the narrow lanes chock full of stalls serving the daily needs of the locals and tourists alike. I wondered what would overwhelm tourists to America?

Carnival of Cities

Public Art in San Francisco by Kirsten Alana

Join me on an around the world tour with a Carnival of Cities. Top travel bloggers share their favorite places and attractions from various cities, from public art in San Francisco to viking ships in Norway.

How to Navigate the Visa Process

Visa and Passport

Knowing these typical requirements and the time and money involved before you determine your destination and decide when to leave can be very helpful. Read on, and be prepared.

Top Three Travel Secrets

Romeo and Juliet at The Globe Theatre

A good travel secret for me is one that gives me a strong sense of place. I want to feel like a local and have a glimpse of what life is like for them in their corner of the world. Read on to find three of my unexpected favorites.

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