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Living Abroad

Buenos Aires: Insider’s Guide

Buenos Aires:  Insider’s Guide

A peek into our first week of life in Buenos Aires: excitement discovering new places, pains of exchanging money and mouthwatering beef!

Living Life in Buenos Aires

Living Life in Buenos Aires

We are stepping away again to live life more clearly, this time to Buenos Aires. While a rushing city of 3 million, we look forward to stillness, time off the clock, time together as a family.

Family Dynamics on the Road

Caution Traveling with Kids

Extended travel has its bumps as well as its benefits. Travails abound and family dynamics are not always easy when you spend so much time together, living and vacationing for extended amounts of time. How to manage work, life, travel and parenting when you take travel long term requires different strategies… or just more patience.

Being a Tourist

Watermen of Morocco

The music, smells and sights of the main square in Marrakesh, Morocco were overwhelming all of my senses. We had just left the shadows of the souks, the narrow lanes chock full of stalls serving the daily needs of the locals and tourists alike. I wondered what would overwhelm tourists to America?

How to Navigate the Visa Process

Visa and Passport

Knowing these typical requirements and the time and money involved before you determine your destination and decide when to leave can be very helpful. Read on, and be prepared.

Time Off Clock Time

Clock Time

This was what our year in Spain meant to me. Time with my daughters, time with my husband. Time off the clock. We were hesitating to call our year abroad a sabbatical, as my husband would still be working some, and I intended to commit to my writing, but the idea of sabbath time, or at least more flexible time, sounded appealing.

Picture Javea, Spain

First Picture of Javea Spain

For eight months, my family called Javea, Spain home. Near Valencia, Javea is a wonderful combination of beach and port town, surrounded by mountains and a countryside of oranges and olives. See some of our pictures here.

Where to Live in Spain?

Where to Live in Spain?

Once we decided to move our family to Spain for a year, we then had the fun and difficult task of figuring out where! With four towns in the Malaga and Valencia areas on our short list, we rented houses in each for several weeks, planning to use the summer months to determine which we liked best. Come see where we chose!

The Turkey Head

Turkey Head and All for Thanksgiving

When it’s Thanksgiving morning in Spain and you open up the bag of turkey giblets, and there is the head staring out at you, are you supposed to boil it up too with the heart and liver and neck? I wondered.

Quaint Gaucin Village House

Gaucin Village House

This is our first rental house in a Spanish village, and I have been looking forward to finally experiencing the nooks and crannies of these houses we’ve been walking by on the steep Spanish streets. Find out more about my real experience in Gaucin, Spain.

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