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Buenos Aires: Insider’s Guide

Buenos Aires:  Insider’s Guide

A peek into our first week of life in Buenos Aires: excitement discovering new places, pains of exchanging money and mouthwatering beef!

Living Life in Buenos Aires

Living Life in Buenos Aires

We are stepping away again to live life more clearly, this time to Buenos Aires. While a rushing city of 3 million, we look forward to stillness, time off the clock, time together as a family.

Cuba Pictures: See Havana

Cuba Pictures: See Havana

Travel to Havana, Cuba with me through pictures. My people-to-people visa allowed me to legally travel to Cuba and see its culture, history, economy and people.

Going to Cuba

Havana Cuba Pictures

My visit to Cuba was a mixture of emotions. I left wanting to learn more about Cuba, to better understand both sides of American and Cuban politics, to see more of Havana and its crumbling architecture…

Day of Rest

Day of Rest

A day of rest from walking the Camino de Santiago gave us time to put our feet up and also explore Burgos, Spain.

Great Places to Stay

Great Places to Stay

Where to stay when traveling is as important to me as the destination itself. I want family friendly lodging, something unique, affordable and fun. I put a lot of research and consideration into finding great places to stay… read all about my favorites.

Laughs in London

Queen's Guard in London and Laughing Children

The Queen’s guards in London are known for their serious faces that don’t move. My daughters discovered it was quite entertaining to try and make them laugh. Read on for their top five tips.

Discovering Love in Barcelona

Gaudi's Rooftop Guards of La Pedrera in Barcelona

I found an old love in Barcelona. I stumbled upon him with my 7-year-old daughter. It was our Mommy Daughter Day, one of those days when my husband and I split up and each take a daughter to explore. She suggested we return to Le Pedrera and brave the line.

Carnival of Cities

Public Art in San Francisco by Kirsten Alana

Join me on an around the world tour with a Carnival of Cities. Top travel bloggers share their favorite places and attractions from various cities, from public art in San Francisco to viking ships in Norway.

Top Three Travel Secrets

Romeo and Juliet at The Globe Theatre

A good travel secret for me is one that gives me a strong sense of place. I want to feel like a local and have a glimpse of what life is like for them in their corner of the world. Read on to find three of my unexpected favorites.

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